Join and renew your membership

MARTS membership is divided into these categories:

  1. Transmitting Members
    Members who have 9W2, 9W6, 9W8, 9M2, 9M6 and 9M8 prefix to their call sign
  2. Associate Members
    Overseas and visiting members
  3. Spouse and Family Members
    Spouse and unmarried children of transmitting member
  4. Short Wave Listener (SWL)
    Members who are not licensed to transmit in Malaysia
  5. Club & Society Membership
    Amateur radio clubs and societies are encouraged to join MARTS; fees for this category of membership is the same as that of a transmitting member


Being the representative of Amateur Radio to the IARU Region 3, members get to know the international status of this hobby first-hand. 
Members also get to enjoy the facilities of the QSL bureau when exchanging QSL cards. 
All members will receive their membership cards and newsletters, as well as enjoying the VHF/UHF repeaters setup by MARTS thoughout the country.


Membership fees vary between the the membership categories. Only Transmitting memberships have voting rights and also eligible to stand for election in the Council. All members will be issued a membership number which he/she will hold until such time that there is a lapse of subscription payment. New membership number will be issued upon rejoining and an entrance fee levied.


Download the Form A for further details on the subscription fees and mode of payment to join MARTS, membership renewal, or record update. 


1.       Fill the form.

2.       Make payment  (MAYBANK A/C No. 5140-9322-0696)

3.       Write your name and call-sign on the back of the bank-in/deposit slip.

4.       Send the form and the bank-in/deposit slip to the Hon. Secretary