Report of the 16th IARU Conference and general IARU matters

Report of the 16th IARU Conference and general IARU matters

1. The 16th

 IARU Region 3 conference was held in Bali, Indonesia from 12‐16 

October 2015

2. MARTS was represented by president Tn. Hj. Aris, 9M2IR and assistant 

secretary, Sion Chow, 9M2CQC.

3. Treasurer, Rabin, 9W2PD and Dr. Chow, 9M2CCO also joined in as observers.

4. MARTS presented its society report at this conference for the first time since 

at least year 2004.  We are not able to check if earlier representatives did 

submit any reports due to lack of archival information on the IARU website.

5. All submitted reports, working documents and full report of the conference 

can be downloaded and viewed at http://iaru‐‐triennial‐


6. MARTS supported Taiwan’s proposal under sub‐working group 2 for the 

harmonization of worldwide 2M APRS frequency.  This would be beneficial as 

it could aid propagation studies, establish a one common APRS frequency 

that will be beneficial for visiting amateurs and etc.  MARTS is pleased to 

inform that IARU directors has started work on this proposal in Region 1.

7. MARTS under sub‐working group 2 also re‐iterated the need to maintain the 

emergency CoA frequency especially on lower NVIS bands such as 80m and 

40m that are packed with activities most of the time.

8. A new worldwide amateur allocation on a secondary basis from 5351.5‐

5366.5 kHz (60m) was announced during WRC‐15 with a power restriction 

of 15 Watts EIRP.  

9. Last year, a few cubesats and microsatellites were launched with its uplink 

and downlink frequencies falling outside the satellite sub‐band in particular 

on 2m.  MARTS is pleased to note that IARU re‐iterated that it would only 

coordinate amateur satellite frequencies that are within the satellite sub‐


10.MARTS also held discussions with representative of a few countries about 

reciprocal licensing and we are working towards making this a success.

11. Below is MARTS’ society report presented to IARU that we will go through 


Thank you.

Submitted by:

Sion Chow, 9M2CQC


 February 2016




Dear member,

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Annual General Meeting year 2016 of Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society (MARTS) will be held at Kompleks Sukan MSN Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur on 27th February 2016 at 10am.

The council members was nominated for a 3 years term at the 2015 AGM. Thus, there will be no election for the councils member until 2017.


1. To receive and adopt the minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 30th May 2015 at Setiawangsa MSN Sports Complex (Download Minutes AGM 2015)

2. To discuss matter arising from the minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 30th May 2015 at Setiawangsa MSN Sports Complex.

3. To receive and adopt the Honorary Secretary's Report for year 2015

4. To receive and adopt the Honorary Treasurer's Report for year 2015

    a. Audited financial statement for the year end 31st December 2015

4. To discuss on resolution/amendment to the Constitutions.

5. Any other matters with permission of the chair.


Malaysian Amateur Radio Proficiency Certification Meeting

[ Update : Malaysian Amateur Radio Proficiency Certification Meeting ]

Based on recent meeting with MCMC held on 28th January 2016 at Cyberjaya.

The meeting discuss about certification of radio amateur.

We propose three categories, with follow up proposal regarding the necessary consequential changes to Regulations, Guideline, SOP and operating manual.





On behalf of Council Member of Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS), I would like to wish all radio operators and listeners and readers a very Happy New Year.

2015 has been a challenging year for all of us, this is the first year for the new council member, since for the first time council member has a three year terms, in accordance with our new Constitution.

Please look at our new Vision and Mission of MARTS for the years to come, and weekly schedule of activities. The weekly activities will cover activities related to “on the air” activities, “licensing, education and training”; “membership”; “regulatory and advocacy”; “technology”; and “public service”. This is to ensure that activities will be implemented all the year around, with those who already committed to help implementing the activities remain alert and prepared. Some activities are ad-hoc, while some others require month of planning and coordination.

We demand support from members of MARTS and member of radio amateur communities, donor and sponsor to complete the eco-system. 2016 should be better year than 2015. We continue to improve activities that have been implemented in the past, and we plan to have new activities added in the year 2016.

Recognizing that relation between member and member, member and council member and member and public is essential to let amateur radio remain relevant, let us narrow the gap between all categories of amateur radio. Hopefully SKMM will accept our proposal to streamline and restructure the certification of radio amateur to be based on knowledge and experience, hence break the barrier to those who want to join radio amateur and those who want to upgrade to higher categories.

As the national society of radio amateur in Malaysia, we remain committed to our mission, which we (council member and members) will do it together. We act, we study and research and we protect radio amateur.

All the best to all radio amateur, and hope to have a very good 2016.


Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society 2015


In line with the objective of MARTS, we aim to be one of the most progressive, enthusiastic and friendly amateur radio society in Malaysia, supporting every ham radio all the time


Reaching out to member
1 To increase more ham radio operators.
2 To create more awareness of amateur radio
3 To increase on-the-air activity
4 To provide backup communications when needed during time of emergency and disaster.
5 To maintain adequate number of volunteers at every state to provide radio communication service when needed, to train each and every one of them periodically.
6 To streamline and strengthen activities with affiliated members.


7 To increase technical expertise and maintain a pool of technical information online.
8 To enhance amateur radio state-of-arts.
9 To foster ham radio innovation.
10 To provide a linking repeater nationwide.

Spectrum Protection and Radio Frequency Interference

11 MARTS will engage with the relevant stakeholders in ensuring that the spectrum allocation for amateur radio remains whilst working for additional spectrum allocation.



The Global Simulated Emergency Test ( GlobalSET ) started on 18th December with a 24-48 hour timelimit for Emergency Communications Groups around the world to carry out an availability exercise, contacting their members to find out how many would be available within 1-12 hours.

Malaysia took part in the Test while initial results have proved that amateur radio can respond quickly to an emergency call, even one on a working day, there has also been a great deal to learn about the reliability of the systems we use and the resilience of our structures.

An email has been sent to all societies in Malaysia to participate in this exercise.

MARTS conducted 2 Meter NET on 19th December 2015 at 2100 MST and volunteered NCS 9W2FMC from Puchong.

Total of 36 stations check in. More than 50% ham radio operator in Malaysia replied they able to respond within a hour.

Thank you to NCS 9W2FMC and all ham radio operators in Malaysia for participated in this exercises.

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Dear members, 

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our former Vice President and friend 9W2AC (ZOLKHONAIN BIN NORIZAN).

He unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday Oct 13, 2015, at Hospital Ampang. 

It is a great LOSS to MARTS and ham radio in Malaysia. 

Condolence to his family and friends.

* Thanks to 9W2AA for relaying the news.




LIVE Communication between 9M2RPN and ARISS

ARISS contact via 9M2RPN with students at National Planetarium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was scheduled at Fri 2015-10-09 04:00PM. The scheduled astronaut is Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS.



School Information
Our first ARISS contact was made in 2007 when, Malaysia's first Astronaut Shiekh Muzapher went on board the ISS. We made 5 direct contacts when, some 80 school children talked to him and asked questions.  Since then it has become a highly sought after yearly event which is tied up with the Prime Minister's Space Challenge Trophy.  This year we will be making our 8th yearly contact. Since the schools do not have ground stations, they make use of Satellite Ground Station at the National Planetarium established in 1995 under the call sign of 9M2RPN. The schools are the nurseries to produce future astronauts and space scientists.  The forthcoming contact in October 2015 provides the hands on experience and the seeding operation for tomorrow's space scientists.








































9M2IR (MARTS PRESIDENT) and 9M2PRO (MARTS Secretary) attended and gave their supports.

Attendees :-



Click HERE for VIDEO